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Super Dimensional Fortress MACROSS.

      En el año de 1999, un gran objeto de repente cayó del espacio y se estrelló en la Isla de South Ataria, en el Pacífico Sur. Durante este tiempo, la Tierra estaba envuelta en una guerra mundial. Después del choque del objeto, toda la gente asumía que alguien comenzaba a utilizar armas nucleares, y la guerra mundial se detuvo por un tiempo.

U.N. had discovered that the object that crashed on the island was a huge extraterrestial
spacecraft. That fact was, however, kept a secret from the public for some time, and, for all
intents and purposes, the object was referred to as "a huge asteroid". The island was then
declared a U.N. controlled-zone, and no one was let in but government officials, the millitary,
and scientists.

After a truce was called to end the global civil war , and to try to bring the chaos caused by
the crash under control, the United Nations Government, a alliance of all the world's major
countries, was formed. They later sent a group of scientists to the island to decipher and
possilbly try to understand the Alien technology, and possibly try to harness it. During this
time, the United Nations Goverment created the U.N. Spacy, a elite millitary organization
similar in fashion to the Army and the Navy, to protect the earth from a possible alien invasion or atatck.

It was later discovered, through analysis of the ship, that the aliens who inhabited the ship were in excess of 40 feet in height,
and had weapons and means of space travel much more advanced than the United Nations Government could possibly
imagine. The scientists, in cooperation with the UNG and the U.N. Spacy, begun to develop weapons to combat any possible
threat, and restructuring and restoration of the crashed ship also began, which would later become the flagship of the U.N.

After these events, it was eventually revealed to the public that the "asteroid" was actually a spacecraft, and that the ship
belonged to an extraterrestrial race. However, the size of the beings was not released in order to aviod a possible panic.

Ten years later, in January, 2009, the re-fitting of the ship and the new weapons were completed, and the ship was christened
the flagship of the U.N. Spacy - The SDF-1 Macross. During the launching ceremonies, a large number of objects suddenly
appeared in the vicinity of Earth. This event bore a resemblance to the events that occured just before the Macross appeared
and crashed on Earth back in 1999. Suddenly, the Macross' Main Reflex Cannons were fired automatically upon several of
the objects, completely destroying them. The U.N. Spacy later determined from radar reports after the blast that the objects
were part of an alien fleet, known as the Zentradi (the name was unknown to the U.N. Spacy for quite some time), who had
detected the Macross de-folding from 10 light years away, and pursued it to this system, seraching for survivors of their own
fleet who may have been taken captive on the ship by their enemies.

And with these events, Space War I, the U.N. Spacy versus the Zentradi, began, aso begun the saga known as Macross...

Macross: Flash Back 2012

Macross: Flash Back 2012 takes place in the year 2012, 1 year after the conclusion of Space War I. Linn Minmei looks back
at her experiences during the war, just before performing her final concert on the Planet Earth. She is reunited with her old
friends, Hikaru and Misa, who are now both crew members of the Megaroad-01.

The Megaroad-01 is the first interstellar coloniztion ship ever built by the U.N. Spacy. It is christened and launched shortly
after Minmei's final concert to seek out a new home for the immigrants it carries, in order to preserve the human race, in case
another Space War should occur. More Megaroad-class ships will follow after the Megaroad-01, that will also search out
homes for the people they carry.

Linn Minmei decides to join the immigrants aboard the Megaroad, and bring her songs to the new world, and to any other
beings they may encounter...

Macross: Do You Remember Love?

Macross: Ai oboete Imakusa (Do you Remember Love?) is actually a feature film released in the year 2035 on Earth and the
colonies, chronicling the events of Space War I, albeit slightly altered. The basic events of Space War I are still there, but
there were a few things that occured differently in the film than in the actual war.

Macross Plus

This chapter in the Macross saga takes place in the year 2040, on the planet Eden,
which is the first planet colonized by the U.N. Spacy.

Here, on Eden, at the New Edwards Test Flight Center, two new prototype variable
fighters, General Galaxy's YF-21, and Shinsei Industry's YF-19, are being tested to
see which will replace the aging VF-11 Thunderbolt as the U.N. Spacy's main
variable fighter.

U.N. Spacy hotshot pilot Isamu Dyson, stationed in Deep Space, is transferred to the
New Edwards test Flight Center on Eden, his childhood home planet, to test the
YF-19 fighter, as the previous pilots have been having re-occuring problems flying the

Sharon Apple, the now famous Virtuoid Idol Singer, arrives to perform her first
concert on Eden, along with her producer, Myung Fan Lone. When Isamu arrives on
Eden, he discovers that his childhood friend/rival, Guld Goa Bowman is the test piolt
of the YF-21, and right then and there, a huge rivalry begins anew between the two.

Later, Guld hears about the arrival of Myung, his and Isamu's old childhood friend--and love interest, on Eden, and confronts
her. At the same time, Isamu surfaces, and the three old childhood friends have a bitter reunion.

Macross 7

Macross 7, the second Macross series on TV, takes place in the year 2045, 5 years
after the events that occured in Macross Plus, strays from the rest of the series' and
adds a new twist--disliked and misunderstood by many, but nicely executed--and
liked--by others.

In deep space, the 7th Macross Fleet, which is another colonization fleet, is traveling through space, looking for a home for it's
1,000,000+ inhabitants located the main ship, named City 7. While searching for an inhabitable planet, they travel into the
Varauta system, despite the warnings of Advisor Exedore Folmo...

                                    Meanwhile, on City 7, in Katasumi Park, a concert is taking place, starring a
                                    small-time rock band named 'Fire Bomber'. The members of the band include
                                    Mylene Flare Jenius, the 7th daughter of Maxmillian Jenius and Milia Jenius,
                                    Ray Lovelock, a former Valkyrie pilot in Space War I, Viffidas Feaze, the
                                    quiet Meltran, and Basara Nekki, the upbeat lead guitar player.

                                    Suddenly, the fleet encounters a strange race of alien beings who attack the
                                    fleet, and drain the energy from the fighter pilots and anyone else they could
                                    find, leaving the bodies as living corpses.

                                    Basara Nekki, while performing during the attack, notices the fighting going on
                                    outside of the ship, and runs back to the band's apartment. There, he enters
his VF-19 Valkyrie, and blasts off to confront the alien fleet. And when he does, he begins singing to the enemy... a new alien
race is the enemy - song is the weapon.

Macross 7 stars a few familiar faces from Macross' past, including Maxmillian (Max) Jenius, Milia Jenius, and Exedore
Folmo, all of whom were present in the original Macross.
Macross II: Lovers, Again

Under Construction.

Unfortunately, i haven't seen the series yet, due to lack of a subtitled version, or watchable copies of the original version. I
know there's a copy out there somewhere...